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Our mission is to grow, strengthen and consolidate the trust that European citizens have in those who process personal data about them. Find out more about us.

Stephen Borghi
Chief Technology Officer
Alice Casari
Product Owner & UX / UI Designer
Damiano Melloncelli
Technical Consultant
Millorad Hajkoja
Team Leader
Adriano Preçaj
Full Stack Developer
Jurgen Gjoçari
Software Developer
Diego Maranini
Customer Success Lead
Rinald Ndou
Quality Assurance
Erik Kepi
Quality Assurance
Magdalena Velez
UX / UI Designer
Andrea Azzolina
UX / UI Designer
Andrea Petaro
Marketing Specialist
Marta Gatti
Social Media Specialist
Daniela Berti
Graphic Designer
Paolo Beltrame
Sales Manager
Aligi Pilotto
Data Protection Consultant & Legal Advisor
Luca Bonora
Data Protection Coordinator & Security Specialist
20 years of experience in the world of privacy.

UTOPIA was born from the experience, collaboration and commitment of successful companies in the development of innovative digital products and personal data protection.

NSI, since April 2023 Dilaxia S.p.A., is a digital transformation company that has been helping companies redesign their business models and grow with customized IT solutions and digital products since 2002. It provides UTOPIA with technological and management know-how through a multidisciplinary team of Software Engineers, UX/UI Designers, Product Managers.

Gianluca Velez


Studio Legale Privacy by Orlandi & Partners has been dealing with privacy and data protection since 1996. With the expertise of Lawyer Stefano Orlandi and Dr. Leon Pietro Menicanti it provides UTOPIA with the legal know-how guaranteeing the compliance with the obligations provided for by the GDPR and by the further provisions on privacy.

Lawyer Stefano Orlandi


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