The development of UTOPIA doesn't stop. Check out the releases we've made so far.

Version 6.11
Issued on

Alerts on registers, configuration of privacy policies and attachments on DPOs

  • Alerts on all registers
    We have added a new icon to the pages of the different registers to show any deadlines related for example to managers, DPIAs or stakeholder requests. This way you always have everything under control.
  • Attachments in the DPO tab
    You now also have a documentation section in the DPO tab. So in addition to the contract, you can also upload other important documents.
  • Import of organisations
    Having added imports for managers, assets and authorisations, you can now also upload all organisations via track. This way you save time and avoid creating them one by one.
  • Configuration of privacy policies
    The work to improve compliance with the obligation to provide information does not stop. With this update, you will configure privacy policies during digital dispatch according to the category of interested parties to be informed.
  • Proceduresin authorisations at operation
    Now, when digitally submitting or exporting authorisations to operation, choose whether to also include the attachments of the procedures provided, either by organisation chart element or by operations performed.
Version 6.10
Issued on

Risk indicator and multiple legal representatives

  • New risk level indicator
    We have added a coloured indicator to the operations register and to the impact assessments, showing the risk level of a operation, so you can see the most risky ones immediately.
  • Multiple legal representatives
    You now have the option of indicating more than one legal representative, if required, so that when you export your documentation you have all the names entered.
Version 6.9
Issued on

DPO activities and new onboarding pages

  • Participants in DPO activities
    It is easier and more straightforward to link participants in DPO activities. With this enhancement you also have a list of all authorised persons and do not have to enter them manually.
  • New login page and account creation
    After the release of the new version of the site, the design activities continue unabated, we have redesigned the layout of the domain creation and subscription management pages.
Version 6.8
Issued on

Search managers and print templates, service status and SSO

  • Search for print managers and templates
    We have added text searching to both the operation managers and the list of print templates. So you can find the information you need more quickly.
  • Login via SSO
    Now, you can login to UTOPIA via Single Sign-On and configure it according to the provider that provides the authentication service so people log in without remembering any other passwords.
  • Status of UTOPIA services
    On our website we have inserted a new page that shows in real time the operation of UTOPIA services, both the application and the API. You also have available all the history month by month. Click on the button to see it.
Version 6.7
Issued on

New login page, manager import and reviews

  • Rate your experience with UTOPIA
    Now, you have the option to leave a review about your experience with UTOPIA directly from the app, your feedback is important and we can't wait to hear what you think.
  • Import managers from CSV file
    Uploading managers from operation of an organization is now even easier. Now you can import them independently through an import path that you can use whenever you want.
  • New registration, login and password recovery page
    We have improved the design of the registration, login and password recovery pages. Now your user experience starts here.

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